Julija Stoliarenko pasaulio Lethwei bokso čempionė !

Šiandien Julija Stoliarenko tapo pasaulio Lethwei bokso čempione. Kova vyko Japonijoje, priešininkė, Vo Ro Ni Ka iš Myanmar šalies kur Lethwei boksas yra tradicinė sporto šaka.

Kovotojos komentaras po kovos: “Moment I was waiting for 12 years… My first profesional title in serious organization… Lethwei world champion… The most brutal sport in the world… No gloves… No points… Only ko or doctor stopage… This is not only mine belt… Its for my mom, dad and sister without whose support I couldn’t live crazy live I live… For my Fighter House/Roger Gracie Academy Kaunas and my coach Donatas Uktveris who created me as a fighter, always push me forward, help me not only in fights but in live, believe in me when I don’t and simply who I call my family! This belt is for everybody who have ever coach me all around the world, sparring with me, working with me and supporting me! So many people inside of this short, but big moment for me… And I’m just starting!
P.S.Also huge thank you to Yoshiyuki Nakamura for that opportunity to be part of lethwei sport and t’s kickboxing gym in Tokyo and Patrick Ayuyu for huge help in my preparation and cornering me!